Knit Felting
If you are experienced with knit felting or crochet felting, just browse thru our patterns. I’m sure you will find your next project to start with! And if you haven't felted yet, here comes the instruction. It’s not difficult at all: You knit and your washing machine does the felting. Maybe you have even done it already by accident: A woolen Cardigan or sweater was washed in the machine at the normal program and came out as a piece that would fit a teddy bear… This is exactly what you want now!

By the way: Felting is very forgiving – that means you won’t see little mistakes or unevenness in your knitting after felting. That’s why I recommend this method to beginners, who don’t have yet the consistency in knitting or crocheting. Furthermore, there are many little projects available with a thick yarn and thick needle so that even beginner can finish single projects in a short time.

Knit Felting

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