How to crochet scrunchies
Crochet scrunchies

I admit: I’m not really a pro if it comes to crochet. I am a knitter! I know the basics about crochet: I’m able to crochet some decent granny squares, some simple bags and Christmas ornaments – but that’s it.

Recently I found a big bag with hair elastics. I probably bought them on sale a long time ago. We have two daughters and hair elastics disappear miraculously just like socks do – so it’s always good to have enough. But I obviously forgot about this big bag. What to do with them? Most of the hair elastics found were pink. According to my kids, pink is out! So what’s in? Teal, blue, green, red, orange, rainbow colour for unicorn believers…. and scrunchies. And guess what: Even pink is okay if it’s for scrunchies. At least that’s what my 11 year old said. So, all I needed to do was to make crochet scrunchies from these load of hair elastics. It was way easier than I thought and lots of fun. I used all kind of scrap yarn but my favourite was the pink ribbon yarn that I found.



leftover yarn, hair elastic, crochet hook, tapestry needle


Round 1

Make a slip knot. Hold the hair elastic and work single crochet the entire round. Make a slip stitch through the back loop of the first stitch.



Round 2

Work through back loops! Repeat the following until the end of this round: 4 chain stitches, slip stitch  through back loop of next stich.



Round 3

Work through front loops! Repeat the following until the end of this round: 4 chain stitches (ch 4), slip stitch through front loop of next stich; ending with 4 chain stitches and slip stitch into the first chain stitch of the starting ch 4.

Fasten off and weave in ends. Enjoy your crochet scrunchies!




Here is the link to our YouTube video.








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