Founded in 2013 by self-confessed knitting nut and yarn aficionado Heike Wuttig, The Yarn Barn was initially launched as a regular brick and mortar shop.

Heike soon realised that her loyal customers and fellow knitting nuts, be they beginners or experts, also wanted the comfort and convenience of ordering online, as they prefer to spend their time knitting and crocheting, rather than travelling in traffic to buy products.

And The Yarn Barn online was born.

So whether it’s a knit sweater, a knitted casual cardigan, a chic and trendy knit coat, a warm and woolly knitted scarf, a handmade, knitted or crocheted gift for a loved one or a comfy baby blanket, the Yarn Barn offers you premium quality yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks and lots of marvellous patterns for your next knitting/crochet project. All available with just a few a clicks and direct-to-door delivery.

The Yarn Barn’s merchandise (including knitting magazines and patterns for knitting and crochet) is sourced from Lana Grossa, an internationally-renowned knitting and crochet specialist, which supplies The Yarn Barn with products created by leading Italian spinning companies.

At The Yarn Barn Singapore, we promise that your knitting and crochet experience is always in good hands!

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Yes it’s true. I am a total knitting nut! And it goes wherever I go, be it a symphony concert, a meeting or the beach. I even knitted during my varsity lectures.

So why open an online shop? After the success of my normal shop, I realised just how many people of all ages (including guys) love knitting and crochet. The online shop would not only give my regular customers access to a speedy and reliable shopping experience, but also help customers in neighbouring countries around Singapore to enjoy the same pleasure.

The online shop also allows me to spend invaluable time with my two young daughters, who are following in mom’s footsteps and the soft, constant clicking of knitting needles in my home can always be heard, day or night!

Please contact me if you have anything on your mind regarding knitting and crochet or my online shop and I invite you to follow me on Facebook.


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